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Reflection 3 –

October 8, 2023 Uncategorized

Module 3 – Oral skill-building and Creating a social bookmarking page

The module and knowledge shared by the teacher and my classmates are very useful for me and my teaching job as well as my students. They help to improve students’ oral skills as well as various sources to get more materials for teaching and learning.

I also first learned about Diigo, which is a helpful tool for me to create bookmarking web pages.  This is really new and valuable to me. 

Some of my classmates are used to using books for materials in teaching and learning, but here we got shared more ESL and ELT websites to be updated to resources and ways to develop students’ language skills. Overall, this module has helped me to expand my knowledge, my understanding of online applied teaching tools to become more effective in teaching the E language.

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