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Refection 4 –

October 15, 2023 Uncategorized

Module 4 has offered me numerous valuable benefits. Here are some points I would like to list down:

  1. Links and materials from the teacher are very useful for me to enrich my knowledge of teaching the mentioned skills in the modules.
  2. Lesson plan with technology enhanced makes it more engaging and more interesting to students when they attend online classes.
  3. Technology enhanced lessons make it easier to access as well as to make a perfect lesson plan in detailed procedures. These helps a lot to the teachers who are new with the teaching contexts and experiences
  4. Last but not least, what I get from my classmates is so beneficial as I gain more links, more games online to make our lessons interesting, especially to the kids.

In summary, using technology in teaching English offers numerous benefits, and it is clearly to upgrade our skill in English teaching.

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