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Reflection week 1 – Internet in language teaching

October 8, 2023 Uncategorized

After learning about ‘Create a blog for ELT’, I felt so thankful to the job I am working with. As a director of a teaching English company, I have to understand key points of a system to run. I have a website now which is conducted by me about the contents of English lessons and videos.

For websites, I have been working with for quite a long time, but they were jobs and projects so I had to pay money to get IT code, bought domain name, bought hosting and manage the members. These have helped doing marketing, offering information of classes and updated language knowledge for classes.

For personal and class purposes, I use google meet, facebook group, zalo group to support students and business activities. But when I joined this module and learned from my classmates, I was so lucky to learn with the young (most of them started their MBA just right after a short time of university graduation. I am different from them as I am back to MBA after a long time chasing myself in the business). Because they are very enthusiastic, helpful and fast-learning.

I hope to learn more, for myself and also for my business. Thank you!

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